After the death of the owner, this dog refused to have any eye contact with people, until one day he met new family.

After the death of the owner, this dog refused to have any eye contact with people, until one day he met new family.

The only life Rio knew lay in ruins from one day to the next.

The ten year old Golden Retriever Mix lost his owner, his family and his home and suddenly had to start all over again.

He found himself in an animal shelter among strangers and isolated himself from the outside world. It was just too much for the little dog’s heart.

After the death of his owner Rio landed in an animal shelter of Soins et contrôle des animaux de Détroit. But there he quickly became a problem among the employees.

The depressed four-legged friend did not touch his food, could not be touched by anyone and sat lethargically in the corner, where he stared motionless at the wall.

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An unknown new world

After ten happy years with its owner, Rio was confused and heartbroken after his disappearance.

He couldn’t understand why people had turned their whole lives upside down. He was now one of many dogs in a strange place, under the eyes of strange people.

Rio bowed his head as if he had given up his life at that moment.

The employees knew that they had to bring up larger guns and contacted their colleagues from Sauvetage canin à Detroit.

We accept the harder medical cases [of the shelter] and those with mental illnesses, i.e. dogs that may seal themselves off or suffer from kennel neuroses.“Kristina Millman-Rinaldi, director of Detroit Dog Rescue, said in a conversation with Le Dodo. „Many people do not know what intuitive and sensitive creatures dogs are. They feel like people everything that happens around them.“

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Despite the fact that Rio was moved to the Detroit Dog Rescue Center, its condition continued to deteriorate.

Rio had completely lost his will to live, he showed no reaction when someone called his name, he shied away from eye contact and just sat in a corner all day staring at the wall.

Kristina from the GDR knew that the only hope for Rio was to find him a new foster family in which he would feel comfortable.

She hoped that a nursing home would give the depressed four-legged friend a feeling of normality.

After some conversations she contacted a volunteer named Ryan Callahan and his wife Tashia. She told them Rio’s story, and they agreed without hesitation to take him in – even though the couple already had two dogs of their own and another foster dog.

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A new home, a new beginning

It was just the right dog, the right place, the right time.” said Ryan.

When Rio entered the house of the Callahans, he immediately showed signs of improvement.

For the first time in a long time he let himself be touched by people. It was almost as if he knew that Ryan and Taschia were his new family.

The couple set up a place for Rio in Ryan’s home office where he could really feel comfortable.

During the first week, Ryan worked from home to get to know Rio and build a relationship with him. He wanted to show him that he could feel at home in his four walls. It wasn’t long before Rio lay carelessly at Ryan’s feet and jumped into his lap with joy and gratitude in his eyes.

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Every time we pass him, he waves his tail, and he loves to walk with us in the woods.” said Ryan.

Rio has been through a lot, so the GDR and Callahans want to make sure he’s ready before they find him a new home.

In the meantime, the Callahans have definitely contributed to Rio finally feeling better after the death of its master!

My hope is … that his new life – whatever it may be – will be even better than his last..“

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We read so often about animals that fall victim to ruthless cruelty to animals, but we should never forget how many people passionately support the creatures of our planet every day. Thanks to all the rescuers!

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